Texas Holdem Types

Texas Holdem is an exciting poker game that has many variations mainly, Limit and No-Limit Texas Holdem. These variations are defined by the structure of betting and Pot-Limit and Spread-Limit games are also available.
Following are some of the main types of Texas Holdem poker:

No Limit

In a No-Limit game, there are no barriers or restrictions and players can choose to bet any amount at any period in the game. No Limit games are most suited for poker tournaments but with increasing popularity, many casinos and online poker sites are offering more games this way.

Whenever you read a No-Limit game, the figures mentioned are representative of the big blind and the small blind, for instance, a No-Limit game with a betting structure of $5/10 means that the value of small blind is $5 and that of the big blind is $10.

Even though No-Limit Texas Holdem is the most favorite No Limit game, yet many other poker games are also being played with no betting limits.

Pot Limit

It is quite reminiscent of a No-Limit game as players can bet any amount during the game. But the main point of difference is the fact that in Pot Limit players cannot bet an amount higher than the amount of the pot. For instance, if you happen to be playing a game in which the size of the pot is $300 then, your bet cannot exceed this amount.

In pot-limit games, in a pre-flop scenario usually, players deal with the small blind just as if it were the big blind while calculating the pot size. Each player has the option to open for a maximum amount of four times the size or value of the big blind. For example, if in a pot-limit game the small and big blinds are $5 and $10 respectively, then a player can raise the bet by $40. All in all, he can either call by $10 or raise the bet with an amount higher by $5 than any amount from $20 to $40. Similarly, other players also treat the small blind as big blind in computing the pot size, and this process goes on until the moment when the big blind is through in the first round. Just like no-limit games of poker, the betting structure of pot-limit poker games is also listed in the same manner, with the first figure being the small blind and the second representing the big blind.

Fixed Limit

In a fixed limit, there is a fixed betting structure for each betting round with maximum and minimum bets. Players are bound to bet in multiples of the amount of bet, according to the limit of the game. Each game has its limit while the amounts of blinds in Texas Holdem and Omaha are dependant on the game limit.

To further understand the betting structure in a game, here is a brief look at a $4/8 fixed limit poker game. Here $4 is the betting limit for the initial two rounds, with $4 being the big blind bet and $2 the small blind bet. For the pre-flop and flop betting rounds, the players are bound to bet in multiples of 4, while in the preceding rounds they have the luxury to bet and raise in multiples of 8. $2/4 is the lowest possible limit game but there is no limit for the maximum as any amount can be fixed as the limit for a game.

Some of the commonly played Limit Texas Holdem and Omaha games with their big blinds and betting amounts after turn are $4/8, $5/10, and $10/20.

Spread Limit

Spread limit games are more commonly used in a stud game; however, it has also been used in Texas Holdem and with great results. As the name suggests, in a spread limit game, a player is permitted to bet any amount within a certain specified range.

Apart from the fact that players get the chance to bet within a range, the rules of a spread limit game are quite similar to a fixed limit game. In a $2/10 game, number 2 represents the amount of the big blind. Despite its uncommon use in Texas Holdem games, many 7 Stud card games have a spread limit betting structure.