Hello There! My name is Elise Woods and I am ecstatic to introduce you to my life and the joy that surrounds it! Recently transitioning from a small town girl to a city girl in the blink of an eye (literally,.. like 3 weeks), I began to see my life and spirit transition as well. That is why I decided to 'rebrand' Prim + Lovely and bring you all things beautiful- in this Beauty Blog.

I am a floral intriguer, a skin obsessor, and a Jesus Christ follower. Those three things reveal beauty in a way that I am excited to share with you through this blog. The journey that I have been with each of these have contained tremendous ups and downs. Through my floral design career, I have had many colleagues and mentors speak negatively into my life and encouraged me not to pursue my dreams- going to the extremes of doing so. I have a skin story that brings sadness, self-image issues- but now the skin that I have is one to be in love with. My following of Christ has come from a time where I questioned if He was true to his word, his existence, and faithfulness. The 360 in this story brings more joy in my life than anything else. He has rescued me from many things (which I will talk about through out the devotion blogs).

So grab you a fluffy blanket, cozy up on the couch, and get ready to experience it all!!