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Growing up, I have always had a niche for creativity. Being drawn to art, architecture, and most of all- storytelling. When becoming a part of the wedding industry, I worked more around editorial but saw that within designing floral there was a story to tell. This is when I had a burning passion to bring my love of art, floral, and storytelling together. For each wedding and event that I do, I want my clients to see their life written throughout my designs. It has been one of the most beautiful times of my life being able to 'write' others' love story for their big day- and most of all being involved with such people who let me have way of perspective throughout these events. 

I am so ecstatic that you have come to visit this page! I hope that it is full of joy, delicacy, and authenticity. A little bit more about me... I am from a small town in Arkansas (right outside of Memphis, TN) but now have been living in Dallas, TX for the past two years- and am OBSESSED! Dallas has been everything I have ever wanted in one city. Even though I live in an amazing city, I am a travel guru. I make sure every year that I travel to at least one or two different cities in America. A few other loves of mine... hot yoga, mac n' cheese, skincare, and hiking (the Arkansan in me). My life definitely looks different than most creative entrepreneurs, so follow me on social media for a little bit of spunk! 


Elise Woods, Floral Designer and Creative Direction for Prim + Lovely