How I price and why!

When you start your own business, what is really great is that you get to run it HOWEVER you want. But finding out what works best for you and for your clients can get tricky when it comes to pricing and also how you run your sales process. It has taken me a year to figure out how I wanted to do it and did a ton of trial and error for this process.

I have watched other designers do their pricing line by line or a guesstimate of what they think they should charge and it’s absolutely ridiculous how they over charge their clients. I knew that I wanted to do it differently and have a personal process that involved the client, their love story, and their personality. I knew charging line by line wouldn’t have been the answer and invoicing them all costs of products, floral, and rentals was the way to go. That way I could charge a design fee and have enough to be creative as I can be and not worry about only working with a few stems and having only that to work with, for example a bouquet. I’ve seen designers up charge for their floral 3.5X and still only be restricted to what they can use for different designs. It also takes a crap ton of time to sit down and do line by line pricing for each design and then up charge- all before you get them to put in a deposit and sign a contract for their date.

I learned this process by one of my favorite floral + event designers, Sinclair + Moore and realized quickly that this was the best way to go. What they put out there is authentic and they are upfront and honest with their clients about how they charge. Never ever do they gip people and they hold so much integrity with not only their clients but their vendors. I knew this reflected what Prim + Lovely’s brand is and I researched exactly how I wanted to intertwine it into my business. And it worked. Every single wedding inquiry that I have gotten in the past 6 months have had a 85% close.

Having a sales process and full on design process of your own is super important in my opinion. This is what sets you apart from other vendors and what makes your clients want to work with you. I love this process 1.) because it doesn’t restrict me from being as creative as I want and 2.) it is easier for me and my clients and they trust this process 100% more than any others. Talk about a win win for everyone!!

Elise Woods