Soft Loft Design with Suzannah Davidson


After a year of being in Dallas, I knew that I wanted a loft. I have always thought they were so cute!! The lighting was what I needed for photoshoots and videos for tutorials. With that came a new design for the place. My apartments before had always been more of a "cozy, rustic-looking" style. I wanted modern but still chic. With me being a very BUSY business owner, I knew I needed someone to help design the whole shebang for me. This is when I reached out to Suzannah Davidson of The Furrowed Home. 

I had been secretly watching Suzannah for months and loved the way she designed homes as well as DIY. Suzannah and her husband build houses from the ground up and design them by hand. I mean... I was stunned at home amazing they were. I then reached out to Suzannah and asked to see if she would like to help me design my place since I had zero time. I had some-what of an inspiration board but wanted someone to just take over after that. I gave her my budget, and she sent me the most amazing designs! Most of the furniture is from Wayfair and I couldn't possibly be more impressed with their products. It is so cost effective and had every style you could think of. (also,... did you know you could make designs with an account on Wayfair?? So easy to put things together and have them all there to purchase when you want.) 


First of all.. bathroom is GOALS. The shower is a walk in with marble seating. Just fabulous. 


When I was shown this loft, I fell in love with the hallway in an instance. I knew that this would be where I would line up my buckets of florals as well as designs. it is a nice area for them to keep cool. And... I mean its a hallway full of floral. What's not to love?!


This wall in the hallway is the 'wall of inspiration'. When I am designing and lining up my florals for events or weddings, it is something that I can stop and be inspired by all of the work I have done in the past year. From Malibu to Charleston, these shoots were to die for. 

Elise Woods