The Waiting Room

My younger sister, Lindsey, I would have to say has always had more knowledge and wisdom than I have in any circumstance. With wisdom and knowledge comes spoken truth. A couple of months ago, she started working on this piece and I knew by the first two sentences I needed to feature it. I am so honored to let you read her words. This is 'The Waiting Room' by my favorite sister, Lindsey Woods. 


Waiting Room

Tired faces, prolonged patience, and a response from a doctor waiting to happen. Waiting rooms are never fun to be in. Whether you’re waiting for a result or waiting on a loved one to get out of surgery, it’s not an exciting experience.

            Isn’t it ironic how almost all of us seem to treat our singleness like a waiting room? Waiting on God to hand you a man, like He owes us something anyway. Waiting on God to send you a husband so you can start a family because that’s what we think completes us. Waiting to heal from past hurt because we think that time heals. Waiting. Waiting. Waiting…

            It seems like the longer you are in the waiting room, the more impatient you become. The longer you’re without a spouse, the more you are prone to settle or to dread the season you are in. God is not a doctor you are waiting on; He’s better than a doctor. And maybe He’s waiting on you to give yourself completely to him.

            We find ourselves asking God “when will you send me my husband?” And when the answer is “just wait”, we push Him further away because we aren’t content with what God is teaching us now. We aren’t content with the season we are in.

Stop treating your singleness like a waiting room.

            Singleness is about finding out who God made you to be. It’s about long nights with your best friends eating junk food and doing girly things. It’s about sprawling out in your bed because you don’t have to share it with anyone else. But most importantly, it’s about Jesus teaching you more of His character and figuring out how you can mirror that in your life towards other people.

            Being single, you find out the gifts and talents God has given you. You find out what God wants you to do with those and what your soul’s purpose is. In my past, I’ve jumped into relationships just because they met the requirement of loving Jesus, but I never thought to look at what their purpose in life is. I believe now that the only reason you should get into a relationship for marriage is if you find a man that shares purpose with you, making you stronger together for Jesus.

            Is singleness a gift? Biblically, God can use it as a gift in your life. Does that mean we have to fully and joyfully embrace it? Of course, not all the time will we look at it as a gift; perhaps when Jack and Jill are holding hands down a hill you start to wish you had a lover. But the gift is that the all-knowing, amazing God wants us all to Himself before He sees we are ready to fulfill His purpose with a man by our side.

            Learn to love who God says you are. Love the season He’s put you in. And truly find yourself because you never know if God’s man for you is just around the corner.

Elise Woods