FOMO (Fear of Missing Out)

Yes, I have FOMO. Sometimes it controls me. It controls my day to day schedule. I feel rushed in everything I do... glancing at the clock to see how many more hours I have in a day to do blah blah blah. I cram.. overload.. cram.. overload. I don't even have time to finish a stinkin' season on Netflix!! For instance, it took me 5 days to just finish this blog. All of you 'boss babes' and 'little mommas' out there know exactly what I am talking about.

This is how my mind works when I am in FOMO mode.. (which is usually 24/7). 

  1. * "OMG I have to pencil in time with my sister because what if she goes to grad school somewhere, marries some guy, and doesn't live by me for the rest of my life." 
  2. "If I don't get my workout in today, I will take on unhealthy habits."
  3. "I need to have patio time with my friends or they will forget about me or not invite me over anymore because I never show up."
  4. "I have to sit down and write this blog or I won't accomplish what I wanted to this year."
  5. "I don't have time to do this photoshoot or go to this event because I work 40 hours a week and still have no time to relax."

These conversations with myself go on EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. As you can see, the common thing in these conversations, is fear. It is mostly fear of the future. Fear of what is going to happen or not happen in my life. This is something I cannot control. Yes, I can somewhat map out how I want my life to look, but we can't control what happens to us. I want to have a non-controlled and free life. And that's what we have in Christ Jesus. He gives us the choice to have a life full of freedom- we just have to choose it and trust that He will guide our paths to our future. 

FOMO can lead to "social exhaustion" too. This can get in the way of our relationship with God and cause us to fall off of spending time with Him. I'm pretty sure God doesn't like the fact that we have to "pencil him in" everyday.  Not only do I fail at spending time with Him and meditating on His word, I honestly haven't had time this year to look back and reflect on what I have accomplished and overcame in the past year. Instead, I am overwhelmed with booking my days with back to back times to try and fill in all of the things I want to get done, in fear that I will miss out on either fun or memories with others. With us being so busy, especially this time of year, 'social exhaustion' can be a real thing. But we cannot let this become a spiritual thing. For us to stay in that healthy relationship with Christ we have to make sure that we are setting aside time to fill up our spiritual side and regain focus on Him.  

I have noticed when I am afraid of the future, I tend to be so worried that I will not have time to accomplish my dreams or goals. I feel as though time is passing by so quickly that in a couple of years or more, I will not be able to do the things that I could do now, while being single and young. A passage that I immediately connected with, from "Life Is___" by Judah Smith, put a new spin on my perspective of the time that I have to accomplish my goals. 

"And regardless of whether we achieve our goals or not, we are continually kept in the love of God, enraptured with His plan and His person and all that He's done for us."

Even if I do not accomplish everything I want to do in life, I can be sure of God's plan and trust that even if we do not achieve these, we still have His love. And boy, do I want that more than ANYTHING. When I do start spazzing out about my schedule or start experiencing FOMO, I know that I need to really hone in on and evaluate what is really happening here. Why am I scared that I might lose a friendship or extra time with my sister? Is it because I do not trust in God's plan for my future? We all need to examine how we feel about the 'fear of missing out' and if it is controlling us or controlling our spiritual time with Christ. 

Elise Woods