Give me Jesus

If you know me pretty well, you know that I LOVE to dream. My parents knew the ritual, when I was a child, that as soon as I woke up I would tell them the elaborate dreams I had the night before. I say 'dreams' because I would find myself having more than one dream, one scenario, one story. The Lord has always given me visions and has spoken to me through my dreams. And that's one reason I love getting ready for bed, putting on my essential oils, and listening to my ocean sounds- I know that I'm about to have these vivid dreams and whether they are from the Lord or not, they will be so intriguing!

A couple of nights ago, I had one of those dreams. Different scenarios that didn't really go together, but as I ran through what I saw the night before, I realized it all was a story. A story that God was trying to tell me. If you are thinking... 'WHAT IS IT?? Tell me!' Just hold on.. I'll get there! First of all... there are some things I intentionally leave out, because it's pretty nuts. Some of these things I dream about... I question how weird I am. However, I'm going to leave some in there for special effects.

Plot: I'm at my High School, but part of it is my Great Grandmother's house in Stuttgart, AR. (weird, I know this). I was going through my GG's closet and she had all of these vintage designer hand bags and I was in heaven. Pretty much closet heaven. My GG then showed up telling us that the Lord was coming back any minute and taking everyone. (If you know how the book of Revelations ends, He takes only the Christians and leaves the non-believers on earth for a period of time. In this case, He took everyone up.) Okay, so right now you may or may not be freaked out. Thinking this blog post ain't for me. That's totally fine! I love sharing things like this and how God speaks to me, so whether you want to finish reading this is totally up to you. Back to the dream. I listened to Grammy and got ready for what was about to happen. Then like that, everyone was heading up to meet Jesus. This heaven wasn't the heaven I would imagine. It was pretty much like a city I've been to before, nothing really had changed. In this dream, I couldn't find Jesus. I asked around, asking others if they have seen him or where he was because I wanted to chat with him, hug him, kiss his face. The next phase was that the non-believers were separated from the believers. (Matthew 25:31-46) Some of these non-believers were people I grew up with, people I surrounded myself with each day, people I loved and cared for. I wanted so badly to change the past so that they would be with the believers. I watched as they were taken to a place that was separated from God. From Jesus. I saw the sadness on their face. I saw the regret, that they wished they just would have listened and given their life to Christ when they were on earth. I'm not going to go into detail here because it's pretty graphic. There is still no sign of Jesus. I am sooo upset. A heaven without Jesus. Where was He? This man that I prayed to for years, had a relationship with, cried to when I needed Him- He wasn't there. I began to weep, because I missed Him. And then I would see the non-believers and the hell they were in. I thought to myself, being without Jesus is my hell. So some other things (weird things, like me having a baby and me and my sister exploring in heaven- just weird stuff) happened, but as I woke up I began evaluating this dream that I had and knowing that it was from Christ, I asked him to reveal to me what He was saying.

"What are you saying Lord?", I would ask. The fact that Jesus was not in Heaven sucked. Plain and simple. Knowing him and being able to have a relationship with him is the absolute best thing I have ever experienced. And God was showing me that these non-believers didn't have the experience that I had. That they right now, feel like you did in heaven without Jesus. And the thing is, they don't know it because they haven't experienced it. God also revealed to me that I spend more time sharing my business, my tips, my blog, and not enough sharing about Him. Some of those people in my dream who were non-believers, I could have easily shared the love of Christ with them. The freedom that He gives us. But instead, I put conversations about earthly things before Him, not thinking that those things will come to an end just like everything else on this earth will. My mind was blown. And I began to rethink the things that I was putting first in my life. If sharing the gospel is not the number one goal for my day, I'm living life completely wrong. My relationship with Jesus is so intimate, and being without him would be my hell. For those of you who are believers who are reading this, I challenge you to win souls. There are souls out there that don't know Christ, that will eternally be separated from Him, and you know that just being separated from him, is the definition of hell. I 'm challenging everyone to do some soul searching in themselves, and then win some souls for Christ. Let's give them Jesus- the one who gives us abundance of Grace, who loves us unconditionally, who pursues us daily, who fights for us among battle. Let's give them Jesus.


Elise Woods