Race Cars by Lindsey Woods

When I heard the news of the white supremacists rally happening in Virginia, I was in shock. It’s 2017… but so much for integration and Martin Luther King, right? It left me full of anger and with many questions. While all of this is happening, I’m in the middle of watching my best friend (who happens to be African American) give birth to my godson. As he was entering this world, I cried tears of joy because of how beautiful my God is. My friend was experiencing the most amazing thing any human could ever do and I was able to be a part of it. When I first saw his face, I was in awe. He is the most handsome boy I’ve ever laid eyes on. I fell in love immediately. 

But, as I was driving home that day, I began to think of who he will become and what he will encounter in this world. Will he be a doctor or a pastor or a teacher? Will he find a wife who loves him? What will his personality be like? And then… I thought of what others will think of him. Will he be loved by others? Will he be judged by his differences or even the color of his skin? The thought of those last two questions sank in, and I realized that unfortunately in today’s world the color of his skin is still a concern to worry about. I don’t want this precious child to be looked at as a “thug” or placed in a stereotype. I want people to look at him for who he is on the inside and how God sees him.

I began to look around at the cars surrounding me as I was driving home still emotional from the day, and I thought of an amazing analogy I believe Jesus placed on my heart. When someone sees me driving down the road, they most likely say, “Hey, there’s Lindsey”. But, they are not talking about the car I’m in, their talking about the person inside of the car. Cars are much like the color of our skin. There are different types of cars. They all run differently and they all have different colors, but they all have the same purpose. Cars get us from one place to another. They protect us.

As human beings, we all have the same purpose in life. To love one another. To protect one another. To serve one another. To laugh and enjoy life. To help each other through hard times. But, unfortunately, we let the differences of our cars (skin) get in the way of that. So we hate. We judge. We look at the car and not who is on the inside of the car. When you’re on the road, you don’t intentionally go around hitting other cars. Why? Because you don’t want to hurt the person on the inside! Then why do we say mean things to each other just because of skin color? Why do we judge one another or hurt one another just because our cultures may be different? Our skin is just an outer layer to protect our insides. Our skin is just our car. My hope and prayer is that my god son will go through this life proud of his beautiful chocolate skin. That he will do great things and that the color of his skin won’t be a barrier for him. That people will see him as a beautiful person, not just “beautiful for a black person”. Spread the love of God because that’s what this world needs more than ever.


Elise Woods