I would most definitely say that 2017 was my best year. I have no idea how any other year will top it. 2017 was my first full year in Dallas and this city has inspired me to be a better entrepreneur. This post really is for me to stop and realize how blessed I am and how far I have come. My blog post this past June, 'Where it all Started', will give you some insight on what my life looked like a few years ago. Let's just say that the Lord has given me so much grace... I am not even worthy. 


  • Spring was my OOBER busy season. I traveled so much I was homesick and cried in New York... so let's take a look of where I all went. In May, I took 2 trips to Conway via airplane for weddings to design with a colleague that I collaborate with. I also flew to Phoenix and that place is HOT, but oh so fabulous. From Phoenix I took a flight to Los Angeles where I flew my sister up to meet me. We had a beautiful photoshoot in Malibu. Up next was New York. I hadn't even been back to Dallas but for two weeks and I was starting to feel overwhelmed. (Btw... NY isn't all what everyone expects. I have been a few times and there are some nasty stinky places there. Oh and rats. Tons of rats.) And then, more traveling to Arkansas. #weddingseason

  • I put on two floral design workshops in Dallas and they were HUGE successes. I found a floral designer at my first one in July who was ridiculously talented and hired her for one of my events in September. God bless the ones who see your vision and make designs exactly how you want them.

  • My parents finally visited me in Dallas!! Let me just say, we are a very active family. We went to Six Flags, the Dallas Cowboys Stadium, a Texas Rangers game, and ate at all the fabulous restaurants here.

  • FALL. Another busy season for me. I went to Chicago to put on a luncheon for women who are bloggers and entrepreneurs at the Shore Club. Wow. I cannot believe that I pulled this off and met so many amazing women. After Chicago, I had three back to back events. I had to fly for a wedding to Memphis, the weekend after fly to Charleston for a wedding and a photoshoot, and then the next weekend put on another floral design workshop. Let's just say I was V, V tired.


I am still seeking my 'word' for 2018. A couple of years ago, it was abide. Through seeking my word for the year, I always seek God about it first, letting him know what I want this year to look like but also wanting to see what He has in mind for this year as well. It's like we work together on what is the perfect word for that entire year. Two years ago, I was struggling with a stronghold and it was so hard to break free from it. But I heard God say 'abide' in me and I in you... and ever since then that year set me free- just from abiding in Him. So stay tuned via social media on what my word will be. 

  • Read the Bible daily

  • Pray consistently about work, the reason why I should be in Dallas, my future husband, and the lost ones around me.

  • Work on being the woman I want my husband to meet and fall in love with.

  • Enjoy being single and ask God to reveal what I should be doing in this season.

  • Put into practice the spiritual gifts that the Lord has given me.

  • Continue to stay Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free (unless going out for a dinner party)

  • Workout 3-4 times a week.

  • Keep using My Fitness Pal to keep up with what I am eating.

  • Get down to 123 lbs and be satisfied with how I look. Pure muscle baby!

  • Hit Level V with Rodan + Fields and bring on 12 more boss babes!

  • Start evangelizing R+F to Australia and Canada to build a team in both countries.

  • Start doing Beauty Vlogs

  • Have a successful year with Floral Business. Have at least two types of workshops and 3 weddings only by Prim + Lovely (outside of contract working)

  • Have photoshoots in states that I have never been to! Seattle for sure :)

  • Be consistent with planning and organizing businesses through social media and schedules.

  • Take time for myself and do not overwhelm my schedule. Do not take on too much (last year I think I had 3 anxiety attacks from being overwhelmed with too much work)